Game-based Learning in Nurse Education

tut3_image1Although the current body of research about the effectiveness of game-based learning in nursing education is limited, anecdotal evidence as well as research from other disciplines point to gaming as a positive strategy for learning. As Stokowski (2013) remarked, “Collaboration, communication and clinical reasoning requires practice in many different situations, complex and stressful environments, and fast-paced clinical events. The flexibility, variety, and multitude of outcomes offered by games are uniquely able to provide such practice without any risk to patients (p. 7)”.

Clearly practicing nursing skills and clinical judgement though gaming cannot substitute working with real people in real situations. However, it seems that when used as a compliment to classroom, laboratory, and clinical learning, gaming has the potential to increase knowledge, critical thinking, and behaviour acquisition.

One game that I’ve used with great success is The Blood Typing Game found at This game helps students understand the concept of blood typing and the importance of compatibility in blood transfusions.



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