Social Media Use in Nursing Education

1175879764_d26b43bd86_zIn 2013 the Globe and Mail reported that almost 70% of Anglophone Canadians are regular social media users (Oliveira, 2013). Considering this significant usage it has become critical for businesses, politicians, educators, and users to assess how best to utilize this new mode of communication. In a 2012 article in the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing the authors explore the benefits, barriers  and practicalities of integrating social media within nursing education.  They discuss social media tools as pedagogy, review  specific studies in the literature, and offer practical suggestions and examples of use within courses and programs. One indicated resource of use to Canadian nursing instructors is a toolkit recently released by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario to “help educators to embed informatics content within undergraduate education” (as cited in Schmitt, Sims-Giddens, and Booth, 2012, para 3). (This resource is now posted as a link under Nurse Education)



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